If you’re soOooOoO over your website and ready to show the world the truest expression of you- look no further!



For all the things you WANT to do but have NO idea how to do… there’s the 90-Day Intensive!

Web Design
with Happy Bunny



If you’re in the market for web design, oh baby, do you have a lot of options!! There are a million highly talented web designers out there that I know can make a fabulous website for you. My (unique selling) proposition to you is that when you work with me, you get:

✅ A complete rebrand that is 100% you. My prices are higher than others because I actually package in a total rebrand, including logo, typography and brand guidelines, with help from my girl Megan at Letterform Creative 

✅ Total brand clarity. We really focus on your STRATEGY alongside your visuals so that you have this amazing new website AND an amazing new understanding of your brand

✅ More than you bargained for (yeah)! I love to spoil my clients with little extras thrown in here and there

FUN. I promise you if I’m the Web Designer of your Dreams, this will be such a blast. We may not always agree, you may give me a tight deadline and I may roll my eyes at you, but it’ll be in a loving 90’s sitcom kind of way


Investment in a total rebrand financially inconveniences, not empowers, you at this time. I don’t believe you need to pay top dollar to have an incredible website or that investing in something outside of your financial constraints says anything about your “money mindset.” I do believe that I price fairly for experience and the value that Megan and I both provide, and that seeds are sewn! Income is made! And we can always work together in the future

You want a website in Squarespace or Wix- I do custom WordPress sites only!

You’ve got an ecommerce-only business plan. Let’s chat about it!

Numero Uno

Just the basics!

Includes a total rebrand (logo, typography, icons, all the goods) PLUS a beautiful one-page website ready for you to expand when you want to.

Take Five

Happy Bunny’s most popular option!

Includes the whole rebranding thing from above…

AND a standard five-page website (think Homepage, About, Contact, Services, and a Sales Page) for service-based businesses.

The Whole Nine

For a completely custom experience…

Everything in Take Five PLUS more pages and archives (blog posts, podcast pages, landing pages, sales pages)… And some email automations and social support thrown in as well. Totally customizable.

90-Day Intensive



Ah, the digital landscape- social, blogging, email automations, websites, podcasts, ahhHHH! You’re inspired by all the brands around you doing really cool things, and the voice inside you is saying “YeahhHHH I want to do that!” But you’re just not sure how to even START with the landing pages and the emails and the blabbedy blah blah blah…


I help folks like you make those digital marketing projects and processes for growth not only a reality, but a BEAUTIFUL reality.

I’m the queen of the 90-day Intensive, where we take all those ideas you’ve been having (I want a sales page for a meditation freebie! I want to create a resource library! I need this beautifully-designed PDF done, like, yesterday!) and, um, actually bring them to life.

This works really well for coaches, consultants, and service-based businesses, but I’m open to chatting about other types of businesses too!


💗 You want a beautifully-presented freebie/lead magnet for your site?

💗 You want loads of content ideas for your podcast, social media, blog, and email newsletter?

💗 You want on-brand visuals for your Instagram feed, website, podcast episodes, and more?

💗 You trying your damn best but still kind of falling short in digital marketing and branding? And just need someone to hear you, guide you, and help you get your inspiration back?


⭐️ Set up backend automations/payment plans/etc. through MailChimp, Square, Stripe, PayPal, etc.

⭐️ Work with WordPress, Wix or Squarespace to make beautiful landing and sales pages with amazing copy

⭐️ Nail your branded visuals in Canva (PDFs, social media posts, email banners- all for you to repurpose after our time together)

⭐️ Support you in content creation/ideation and clarifying your biiiiig picture digital marketing- helping you turn your goals into REALITY! Reduce the overwhelm! Run the world!!

Wait... you're still here?

Okay, if you’re not sure what the heck you need and just kind of feel drawn to working with me (or you’re nosy about my prices teehee), please book in a call! No pressure (ever) and no harm in getting some free advice 😘 And if I can’t help you, I bet I know someone that can.